From the Falls to the colonial town of Livingstone

Livingstone is a town rich in history and culture, once known as the Old Drift. Named after David Livingstone, it promises those who visit, an experience that is profoundly African, from the arts and crafts that are sold to the museums, colonial architecture, local food and the traditional village lifestyles of those who live there.
Victoria Falls Safaris strive to bring you the best that the area has to offer. Situated 10 km from the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls, you will be able to enjoy everything that Livingstone has to offer in a manner best suited to your needs.

You can choose from a range of accommodations, and even combine your Livingstone Packages with packages to Chobe, Hwange or Lake Kariba to ensure you get the most out of every adventure that is available in the area.

The Livingstone Safari Packages also includes a guided tour of the Victoria Falls – with breath-taking views of the Falls themselves – and a sunset cruise on the Zambezi, so that you can wind down your day in style as you revel in the crashing thunder of the Victoria Falls.