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Hwange National Park vs Kruger National Park

Elephants Eye Hwange (11)

At, we regularly get asked to make our recommendations as to which national parks a tourist should visit on a trip to Southern Africa. Thus we have decided to look at two of Southern Africa’s most popular game parks, Kruger National Park, based in Northern South Africa and Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest national park, in order to ascertain which is better for the average tourist. Here’s what we found.
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Top 5 Lodges – Victoria Falls

Azambezi River Lodge

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world descend on Zimbabwe’s most famous natural phenomenon, Victoria Falls. The Falls, that border Zambia and Zimbabwe, are recognised as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.
With Victoria Falls accommodating so many tourists every year, you can no doubt imagine that the accommodation options are endless. To make booking your next holiday to Victoria Falls just that little bit easier, we have listed our 5 favourite Victoria Falls lodges.

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Victoria Falls Moonlight Rainbow – An experience for the bucket list


Victoria Falls holds a secret to this day that the majority of its many thousands of visitors do not know about. Every full moon in the evening, this world famous tourist attraction opens up to showcase one of nature’s most mystical and breathe-taking phenomena – the magic of a lunar rainbow.
Victoria Falls represents one of the few places on earth that this natural spectacle can be viewed regularly and with ease.

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The Truth About Travelling in Zimbabwe

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You won’t be blamed for knowing very little about Zimbabwe besides its rocky political history which doesn’t do this humble sub-Saharan African country any justice. But Zimbabwe is an extraordinary African safari destination, and in fact, it’s the country’s most prominent industry. If there was ever a commodity that has a positive effect on a developing country, it’s tourism.

We highly recommend that Zimbabwe should be at the top of your list of luxury African safari destinations to visit, here’s why:

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